Tuesday, 12 August 2014

September Magazine Freebies [UK]

I popped into Tesco to buy milk on my way home from work last night and somehow ended up with this month's copy of Marie Claire, which I justified on the grounds it comes with a travel-sized bottle of Ghost Eclipse perfume... Which is basically all I had to say in this post - if you like Ghost, go spend £3.90 on Marie Claire (with Jessica Alba on the cover) and get a 3ml roller ball perfume!
Marie Claire Ghost Freebie September 2014
Ghost Perfume Freebies Magazine September 2014
The only other freebie I've spotted so far this month is an unbranded eyeliner with Company which I'm not that excited about to be honest! Have you seen anything decent? Will you be picking up Marie Claire? Do you buy magazines purely for the freebies like I have been known to do, on occasion?



  1. Nice freebie!
    if you like to sub i have a page on my blog that i update monthly and try to include the free gifts too!

  2. Sometimes magazines can be a hit or miss with these freebies they put out. This looks like a definite hit...may need to pop down to my local tesco and buy this!

    Rachel xx

  3. Great freebie! I love seeing what freebies are in magazines.


  4. Thumbs up for the info! I actually had a full-sized version of this perfume but my mum stole it. ;) I may get this sample - great to keep in the handbag!


  5. I got this just for the sample ha x


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